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Name NENA-STA-015.10-201X_DataFormats_PubRvw
Document StatePublic Review (Status of a NENA document being reviewed by the Public for a 45-DAY review period.)
Group / Folder10a. DS Class of Service (COS) WG / Public Review
SubmitterBy Ms. Delaine Arnold, ENP-Admin on Wed, Nov 1 2017 3:35 pm UTC
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Missing NENA Standard Number0AcceptedCheryl Benjamin2017-12-22Details
Unclear term - Potential conflict with CLDXF terminology0AcceptedCheryl Benjamin2017-12-22Details
Missing Table0AcceptedCheryl Benjamin2017-12-22Details
Where is the Z????0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
E2 is not a NENA Specification0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
WAY TOO LONG0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
bad grammar0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
"dispatchable" is in the NENA glossary0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
don't use year of publication0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
ASCII yes, but printable?0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
Stay in Scope0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
future work must be specific0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
editorial comments have no place here0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
Do make assumptions about effort0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
all systems and networks that process 911 XML is broad0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
Please acknowledge that ALI format to the PSAP is configurable0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
Executive Summary requires clarification0AcceptedJerry Eisner-ENP2017-12-22Details
Incorerct use of "dispatchable" address in new COS descriptions0AcceptedBob Finney III-ENP2017-12-21Details
Street Suffix0AcceptedKaren Moore ENP CMCP2017-12-20Details