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Luiz Melchert
2015-11-06 13:27:57

Searching the internet for REST vs SOAP gives a good overview of the pros and cons of each method depending on the application. Most seem to agree that:

  • SOAP is justified for integration with existing legacy implementations while REST is preferred for new implementations
  • SOAP supports only XML while REST supports XML, json and other formats

Considering that:

  • REST is more lightweight, easier to implement, requires less bandwidth and less processing power, and therefore is likely to result in less expensive products
  • most NG9-1-1 Functional Elements have not yet been commercially implemented by a large number of manufacturers

I believe that the availability of standardized REST interfaces would be beneficial forĀ a wide adoption of the i3 architecture.

The Working Groups still need to consider migration and backwards compatibility issues with SOAP implementations.

Submitter Proposed Solution

Accept the ISF proposal to direct STA-010.3 and the new NG-PSAP STA to use json/REST interfaces.