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20151007_ISF json REST (Revision 0)
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Juan Salazar
2015-11-06 18:38:42

Zetron agrees with the originator of this ISC that:

  • New web services are being defined with json object serialization and REST.

  • SOAP/XML, while still a viable technology, is not the focus of current or forward looking development.

In the interest of keeping abreast of rapidly developing technology trends, it is inadvisable to promulgate standards based on technology as mature as SOAP/XML.  The worldwide software ecosystem cannot be expected to advance SOAP/XML substantially further, where as json/REST sees a high level of innovation and incorporation into related technologies.  Given the time and resources which must be invested to establish industry standards, it is better invested in technologies which are more forward-looking, vis-à-vis mature (legacy) technologies. 

Submitter Proposed Solution

Accept the porposeal to change Web Services Interfaces from SOAP/XML to REST/JSON.