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NENA-INF-025.2-201X Virtual PSAP_PubRvw.pdf (Revision 0)
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Nancy Pollock
2017-08-02 06:04:24

I'm not entirely convinced that large PSAPs may be any more inclined or compelled to establish virtural workforce. In fact, it may be more of an acceptable use case if the PSAP is small and without the resources that compels them to seek virtual workers.

Submitter Proposed Solution

PSAP entities that are challenged by resource issues may be more compelled to embrace the virtual environment/worker concept.

Mrs. Cheryl LeSage- ENP
2017-08-30 10:18 am EDT

edit accepted

Mrs. Cheryl LeSage- ENP
2017-10-04 10:35 am EDT

Please update the workspace or contact the WG leader with your acceptance/rejection of the changes by 10/18/17. Unless we hear from you we will consider this resolution to be accepted. Thank you