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David Hopkins ENP
2017-11-01 17:25:13

From: Hopkins, David []
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 10:47 AM
To: Delaine Arnold
Subject: NENA Drills and Exercises Docuent

Good Morning

Hope that all is well. I am writing to you today to ask about the process that might permit me to take a more active role within the working group community. I have participated in a few groups over the last few years ( mostly on topics that I know little about in an effort to challenge me to learn in order to follow along and make small contributions) while reviewing the Drill and Exercises document I see a few areas where I feel that I might have been able to make a contribution that would be of more value ( my knowledge, skills and experience from my career at Rochester Telephone and IBM ) offering real proven P&P or design value. I admit that I feel I should know more of the process ( how I could become more involved) not ashamed or afraid to admit that I don’t know stuff, thus my email.

A quick example if I may:

3.1 Infrastructure

3.1.1 Emergency Power Systems

An emergency power system typically consists of a standby power generator, an Uninterruptable Power System ( UPS), as well as a power switch panel.

The power switch panel is technically called an automatic transfer switch. I did not feel comfortable offering the alternative language while voting but did see an opportunity to utilize the KSA I have from my career to participate in more working groups or in a different capacity ( possibly).

Later in that same paragraph the text reflects that UPS is disconnected from the circuit when the generator comes on line, it has always been my design to keep the UPS in line between either the commercial power supply or generator power in order for it to serve as a buffer and protect the building electronics from any potential spikes or surges.

With the efforts underway regarding First Net I have been asked to assist NYS with the evaluation of its options, doing so required that I gain approval from my County Legislative team, they granted me permission and I thought I might extend the capabilities to the group that I have been a member of now for 25 years.

Thanks in advance for any direction.

David Hopkins ENP, COML, Director, Steuben County 911 Enhanced, 6979 Rumsey St Ext, Bath, NY  14810, NY NENA Chapter Past President, Office:  (607) 664-2994

Submitter Proposed Solution
Mrs. Cheryl LeSage- ENP
2017-12-06 10:03 am EST

Regarding the other comment submitted, we did include your suggestion, please see other message for the specifics.  To join our WG, I believe you can go to the NENA website to volunteer.  Thank you