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NENA-STA-015.10-201X_DataFormats_PubRvw (Revision 0)
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Jerry Eisner-ENP
2017-12-22 10:16:53

In the Executive Summary, it is not clear of the relationships between the entities that this document is intended to address.  Is there a direct relationship between a data dictionary and PSAP CPE?

Submitter Proposed Solution

Re-write to show data flow and resp[onsiobilities so the reader can determine if it is applicable to them.

Mr. Richard Muscat
2018-02-21 5:46 am EST

Accepted in part, but rejected in part.  Deleted "Data Dictionary" but did not seek to further rewrite Executive Overview to show all Data Flow relationships and responsinbilities.  The revised suggested version would now read as follow below:

Executive Overview

This document sets forth NENA standard formats for Automatic Location Identification (ALI) data exchange between Service Providers and Data Base Management System Providers, a Geographic Information System (GIS) data model, and formats for data exchange between the ALI Database and PSAP Controller equipment.  However, it should be noted that legacy E9-1-1 formats to a PSAP are highly configurable.  The reason for revising this document is to add additional legacy Classes of Service (CoS), standardized use of Service Descriptions in the Customer Name/Service field, and specify the recommended CoS information in Section 19 and the recommended Service Descriptions in Section 20.

Mr. Richard Muscat
2018-02-28 4:43 pm EST

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Good morning,

I have been following the KAVI updates.  It’s all good to go as far as I am concerned.