Comment 2444
Accepted (Resolved)
NENA-STA-015.10-201X_DataFormats_PubRvw (Revision 0)
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Jerry Eisner-ENP
2017-12-22 10:31:01

In Section 2.1, it states that all systems and networks that create, transport, and priocess 911 XML data will be impacted.  This is too broad and misleading.  For example, Discrepancy Reporting on IMS Queue State have nothing to do with location.

Submitter Proposed Solution

be careful with terms like ALL

Mr. Richard Muscat
2018-02-21 5:51 am EST

Accepted, in 2.1 changed "will" to "may" and "all" to "many'.

Mr. Richard Muscat
2018-02-28 4:44 pm EST

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Sent: Monday, February 26, 2018 9:46 AM
To: Richard Muscat <>
Subject: RE: Jerry Eisner comments on NENA-STA-015.10-201X_DataFormats_PubRvw

Good morning,

I have been following the KAVI updates.  It’s all good to go as far as I am concerned.