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NENA-STA-015.10-201X_DataFormats_PubRvw (Revision 0)
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Jerry Eisner-ENP
2017-12-22 11:11:40

"Second, other NENA standards, such as for the E2 interface and operating procedures SHOULD be 282 reviewed for potential impacts and update, as applicable." is too broad.  Do the work and list what needs to be done.

Submitter Proposed Solution

Go through the list of existing and proposed Standards and figure out the impacted documents.

Mr. Richard Muscat
2018-02-23 5:28 pm EST

Modified and mostly deleted sentence referenced and added  the following sentence to provide greater specificity:

See, specifically NENA-STA-010.2-2016 at Appendix A, Table A-15-2 Class of Service Mapping.

Mr. Richard Muscat
2018-02-28 4:45 pm EST

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Sent: Monday, February 26, 2018 9:46 AM
To: Richard Muscat <>
Subject: RE: Jerry Eisner comments on NENA-STA-015.10-201X_DataFormats_PubRvw

Good morning,

I have been following the KAVI updates.  It’s all good to go as far as I am concerned.