Comment 2473
Accepted (Resolved)
NENA-STA-027.3-201X (Originally 04-001) E9-1-1 Egpt_PubRvw (Revision 0)
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Luiz Melchert
2018-02-28 11:33:23

There seems to be some inconsistencies in the Table of Contents, i.e. it should contain only numbered section titles but it seems to contain text in some cases. Refer to lines 146-150, 154, 157, 161, 200-201, 221-222, 275-276, 321-322.

Submitter Proposed Solution

Review table of contents and remove what is not pertinent.

Mrs. Amy McDowell ENP
2018-04-04 8:12 pm EDT

Thank you for your comment.  The TOC was corrected when I updated it.