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NENA-INF-010.2-201X SuccessionPlan_PubRvw.pdf (Revision 0)
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Truongvu Vu
2018-03-14 22:30:57

Page 4, Line 37: Incorrect indentation

Page 4, Line 38: Incorrect indentation

Page 6, Line 163: First use of the acronym PSAP, you must define what it stands for, then you can start using the acronym.

Page 6, Line 169: If you define the acronym PSAP in Line 163, you do not have to use the spelled out version in this line

Page 7, Line 223: add a comma at between program and the, please see reference "To develop a successful succession program [,] the agency will need...."

Page 7, Line 227: removed the word "deemed" as you are already imply it is important with the word "required"

Page 7, Line 235: You should put a period after the reference. So it should be "... employee (Eskierka, 2011)."

Page 8, Line 242: It should be "Tool 2: Candidate Targeting Initiative (exhibit 8.2)

Page 10, Line 319: Put a comma between yearly and. For example "weekly, quarterly, yearly, and ad hoc..."

Page 10, Line 328: There is an extra spacing in the sentence "If a mentoring period".

Page 11, Line 335: First use of the acronym MOU. You must define what it stands for in order for the end user to understand.

Page 12, Line 382: First use of the acronym GIS. You must define what it stands for, in this case Geographic Information System.

Page 12, Line 393-395: This can be two bullet points as the two aren't related to one another.

Page 13, Line 398: First use of the acronym NG. You must define what it stand for in order for the end user to understand.

Page 14, Line 432: There is an extra line return, please delete.

Page 14, Line 447: Correct Bargaining to bargaining

Page 16, Line 512: COOP to COOP (Continuity of Operations Plan)

Page 17, Line 544: CTO to CTO (Central Technology Office) 

Page 17, Line 555: Correct sentence to: Have IT support needs been defined (in-house/vendor)?

Page 18, Line 588: Remove period after organization


Submitter Proposed Solution
Ms. Delaine Arnold, ENP-Admin
2018-03-14 10:33 pm EDT

Corrections made. Thank you.