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#1 goal/objective/deliverable: Identify new Class of Service values to be recognized by NENA
#2 goal/objective/deliverable: Update NENA 02-010 and 02-501 to document new COS values
#3 goal/objective/deliverable: Identify any impacts to NG9-1-1 requirements, specifically changes to Legacy PSAP and Legacy Network gateway; submit recommended edits against affected NG9-1-1 standards
#4 goal/objective/deliverable: Submit impacts identified in #3 to IETF ECRIT (anticipated as changes in field registries in the Additional Call Data DRAFT RFC)
#5 goal/objective/deliverable: Document any resulting changes to ALI  NG9-1-1 data mapping (anticipated as changes in STA 02.10 Appendix A). Submit to LTD WG for inclusion in v3._
#6 goal/objective/deliverable: Support internal and public review process of documents that require approval (anticipated as 02-010 and 02-501

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