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Name 20161206_NG9-1-1 GIS Data Model_PubRvw.pdf (2MB)
Description No description provided.
Document State Public Review (Status of a NENA document being reviewed by the Public for a 45-DAY review period.)
Group / Folder 4.2b CSC DSSC GIS Data Model for NG9-1-1 WG / Public Review
Submitter By Ms. Delaine Arnold, ENP-Admin on Thu, Dec 8 2016 11:13 pm UTC
Modified By Ms. Delaine Arnold, ENP-Admin on Thu, Dec 8 2016 11:15 pm UTC
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Subject # State Submitter Date Action
Methodology Problems0NewJason Horning-ENP2017-02-22Details
Emergency Service Boundary0NewJason Horning-ENP2017-02-22Details
SI / LVF / ECRF Relationship0NewJason Horning-ENP2017-02-22Details
Required, Strongly Recommended, Recommended0NewJason Horning-ENP2017-02-22Details
'Mile Post NENA Globally Unique ID' should be type 'Text'0NewRick Hollatz2017-02-21Details
Private is not a road class0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Mile Post Measurement Value0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
mile post indicator0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Ranges reverse direction0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
linestring not defined0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
add qualifier to GIS0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Lakes as segments?0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
longer definition needed0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Cell site vs. Cell sector0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Change to caps?0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Street name alias clarification0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
layer-related ID prefix0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
type of emergency service provider0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
PSAP boundary clarification0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
left/right address ranges0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Case not important - question0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Mandatory for each record0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
add wording0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
better wording0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
add vendors0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
unique ID format0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Pre-validate0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
nomadic calling device0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
URN vs. URI0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
ESInet communications0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
scrivener's error0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Validation vs. pre-validation0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
layers vs. databases0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
wording redundant?0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Provisioned with, not by0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Timing of validation0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Awkward wording0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Highly accurate0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Layer - singular0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
scrivener's errors etc0NewRick Ingle2017-02-21Details
Better definition of Date Updated0NewDavid Cordray, ENP2017-02-15Details
Please add USNG grid line layers to ALL US 911 PSAP / CAD layers0NewArt Hansen2017-02-13Details
Reading References0NewAl Studt2017-02-10Details
Reading References0NewAl Studt2017-02-10Details
Add US National Grid lines to REQUIRED section0NewAl Studt2017-02-10Details
Add Abbreviation USNG0NewAl Studt2017-02-10Details
Centerline Parity fields0NewBrian Crumpler2017-02-07Details
addressing authority0NewChristian Jacqz2017-02-06Details
landmark0NewChristian Jacqz2017-02-06Details
building0NewChristian Jacqz2017-02-06Details
transition from legacy systems to NG0NewChristian Jacqz2017-02-06Details
ambiguity in area definitions0NewChristian Jacqz2017-02-06Details
GIS consistency0NewChristian Jacqz2017-02-06Details
GIS consistency0NewChristian Jacqz2017-02-06Details
Left Parity, Right Parity should be Conditional0NewRobert Long2017-02-02Details
centerline schema missing validation flags0NewBrian Crumpler2017-01-24Details
Backwards Compatibility0NewBrian Crumpler2017-01-18Details
Incorrect Service URN Examples0NewBrian Crumpler2017-01-18Details
Service Area Boundaries - Required Layers0NewBrian Crumpler2017-01-18Details
Municipality Should be Expaned0NewShawna Ernst2017-01-09Details
One Way Additional Domain Value Needed0NewShawna Ernst2017-01-09Details
Unit Field Should be Split0NewShawna Ernst2017-01-09Details
Driveways0NewShawna Ernst2017-01-09Details
Street Name field cannot always be legal name0NewShawna Ernst2017-01-09Details
Site/Structure Address Points Alias Table0NewJohn Peabody2016-12-19Details
Landmark Name Part Table0NewJohn Peabody2016-12-19Details
St_PreTyp & St_PosTyp field lengths too short0NewMichael Fashoway2016-12-16Details
Field length discrepancy for Legacy STS0NewDavid Cordray, ENP2016-12-15Details
Inconsistency in ESB/ESZ requirements0NewTom Homan2016-12-14Details
Date Field text width incorrect0NewTom Homan2016-12-14Details
Horizontal Accuracy0NewJohn Peabody2016-12-13Details
Include US National Grid Values for Incident Location0NewJules McNeff2016-12-13Details
GIS needs to allow two locations per 911 call0NewJoseph Elfelt2016-12-13Details
Geolocation: latitude longitude *and* USNG0NewJoseph Elfelt2016-12-13Details
Mile Post/Markers0NewRobert White2016-12-09Details